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Why use alternative platforms such as Openspace.Social?

In an era where personal data has become a commodity, the staggering extent to which mainstream social media platforms capture and monetize your information is cause for concern. The list below represents just a glimpse into the vast troves of data they collect, ranging from your interests and behaviors to your connections and preferences.

What sets Openspace.Social apart is the commitment to prioritizing user security. Unlike their mainstream counterparts, Openspace.Social does not exploit your data through collaborations with data brokers. The decision to entrust your personal information to a conglomerate, inevitably exposes you to the looming threat of data breaches.

For more information on the implications of data breeches, please view this article: Data breach puts 500 million users at risk
For more details on what mainstream platforms capture from you, please view this article: How much do they know about you?

Data Element Mainstream Platforms Openspace.Social
Full name
Places you've studied
Places you've worked
Places you've lived
Email address
Phone numbers
Relationship Status
Gender or Sexual Orientation
Life events
Activities within the platform
Search history within the platform
Ads you interacted with
Credit card details
Companies can upload your data to maintream platforms
Voice recordings and transcriptions
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